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Depression is Not a Synonym for Bad Mood

Depression is a serious illness, not only a depressed person suffers from it but his relatives too. Stressful events generally lead to depression. People consider that this disease is a bad mood but it is false – undiscovered depression may lead to dangerous problems. Awareness is the best weapon against the further development of depression. There is no immunity against depression. Values of modern society have a great impact on people. Everyone wish to be successful. If a person fails every time, he will think that he is hopeless and helpless, thus depression happens. Psychological traumas such as the death of a friend, divorce, loss of a loved one, serious disease may cause depression. Sometimes it is difficult to find causes of depression. It is thought that the low level of neurotransmitters such serotonin, norepinephrine may lead to the occurrence of depression.

Psychological symptoms can help recognize depression. They include anxiety, despair, low self-esteem. Constant fatigue and sadness go along with this serious mental disorder. Loss of interest in everything occurs. Behavioral changes may be noticed. People with depression are not capable to focus. The depressed person has no desire to communicate with anyone. Drinking alcohol, one tries to solve his problems but it makes the situation only worse. People with this mental disorder think in a different way. Thoughts become negative. People suffering from this mental disease feel hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness.

Depression has physiological symptoms. People suffering from depression have problems with sleep. Depressed people refuse to eat or they eat too much. The person suffering from depression may suffer from pains in different parts of the body, constipation, diarrhea. Loss of desire to have sex is one of common signs of this severe disease. Alcoholism and drug addiction are causes or consequences of depression. After using alcohol or drugs, people feel good mood for a while. Social phobias may cause depression, suicidal thoughts appear. It is worth to know that this medical disease is curable and it must be cured. If you find out that any of your relatives or friends often criticizes himself, does not get along with family members, colleagues, experiences an inexplicable feeling of fear, he should go to a doctor. If it is found out that a person suffers from depression, it is necessary to help, cheer him up, even if he has no desire.

The depressed person may blame himself and loved ones should not allow him to do that. Remember, that even celebreties have depression http://undepress.net/11-famous-people-with-depression-you-probably-were-guessing/. You have to cope with this severe condition all together. Depression can destroy your loved one for many years. In treatment, psychotherapy and medication are used. Drugs for this disease (antidepressants) are selected for each patient and are taken for several months. The goal of psychotherapy is to help the person learn how to adjust his own emotions. This method of treatment involves the active participation of the patient, his willingness to share his problems. Techniques of self-help are a true way of preventing depression. A healthy way of life, regular exercise, work and rest regime, positive thinking will help to overcome stress and maintain emotional well-being!

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